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Electric Burr Coffee Grinder 31 Precise Grinding Level with Anti-Static Ground Container LCD display


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Electric Coffee Bean Grinder 31 Precise Grinding Level with Anti-Static Ground Container

Coffee. It warms the soul and wakes up your senses with rich aromas, complex flavours, and satisfying aftertastes that linger deliciously on the tongue. The perfect cup of coffee can bring people together in a relaxed environment for friendly conversation or more serious matters. Our coffee bean grinder can create the perfect cup of your favourite Colombian blend or add a dash into some baking. You deserve to treat yourself with high-quality beans every morning! Throughout the world, coffee is cherished for its unique qualities of aroma and taste. It is no wonder that every moment you enjoy waking up to life beyond your mug matters. A new morning can be breathtaking on many levels; our professional coffee bean grinder offers 31 precise grind levels, ensuring that the perfect flavour isn't far away with a push of a button.

Add it to your morning routine. The perfect cup of coffee starts with the right beans. When you ground coffee beans fresh, it releases a rich aroma and a sublime flavour that's unparalleled. This electric coffee grinder allows for precise flavours to be extracted from any type of bean imaginable. With 31 different grinding levels found on the dial control, the fineness is fully customisable with an anti-static surface that eliminates friction between each grain of bean to get that perfect cup time after time. What sets this model apart from less expensive ones? This model's motor can go up to 10 cups in seconds and has a low grinding speed for reduced static and heat build-up. Plus, there's no need for clunky filters or paper pads anymore: we've got you covered! With an electronic timer and easy press function, it will automatically grind your preferred servings, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.







Summary of Specifications:

  • 240V /50Hz 165W DC motor.
  • Touch control button and LED display.
  • Powder clogged protection
  • 275g coffee bean holder capacity.
  • 100g ground coffee jug capacity.
  • 350-400rpm low grinding speed to reduces both static and heat build-up.
  • Built-in timer with quantity measure can make from 1 to 10 cups in seconds.
  • Grind timer: 1-40S"

    The coffee powder that this machine could make for:

    1. French Press
    2. Pour Over
    3. Drip Over
    4. Siphon
    5. Espresso
    6. Cezve

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