Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are a must have for summer. While air conditioners may be the preferred option for most indoor heating, ceiling fans are versatile enough to use indoor and outdoor, and is perfect when used in outdoor open air sheltered areas as an extension to your beautiful home or creative space. 

Installing a ceiling fan in every room offers the option for energy saving on days where it is not too warm for air conditioning, or even complement air conditioning while offering deep cost savings without the requirement for heavy conditioning electricity needs.

Using a ceiling fan whenever possible allows you to experience and enjoy the natural air and temperature with open windows while having a cooling breeze - a total pleasure for summer. For indoor or rooms with a direct overhead light, consider ceiling fan with lights for a minimal room finish and minimise blade spin distruptions over ceiling lights.

7Pandas Australia stocks a wide range of modern, contemporary stylish design ceiling fans. Our ceiling fans with light is one of our bestselling range of ceiling fans, aside from our timber ceiling fans. 

Our Ceiling Fan Melbourne warehouse holds the inventory to ensure fast shipping to our customers.