Choose Chandelier Lights from our range of contemporary modern chandeliers. We stock a wide range of chandelier lights in different materials such as crystal chandeliers and wooden or timber chandeliers. We also have chandelier collections in different styles such as our Farmhouse Chandelier as well as other styles in Elegant, Grandeur, Contemporary, Modern and more. 

Our Crystal chandeliers uses K9 Glass, similar to clear crystals used to make optical lenses and prisms. K9 Crystal offers high clarity due to its high refractive index and holds its ground in the Chandelier industry for high end chandeliers. K9 Crystals are durable, impressive and excellent quality Chandeliers.

Our chandelier warehouse is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. However, we ship nationwide Australia. We guarantee delivery safety of your Chandelier Lights so you can order from us worry free from breakage.