Are you ready for the summer heat? You will be if you add a ceiling fan to your home. At 7Pandas, we have a wide selection of stylish modern ceiling fans that will keep your home and screened-in porch super comfortable, day and night. The best part? You can use your ceiling fan year-round (they’re great at moving the air in winter, too!). Check out our everything you need to know about ceiling fans in the bedroom for the best advice on considering ceiling fans.

Installing a modern ceiling fan in every room offers the option for energy saving on days where it is not too warm for air conditioning, or even complements air conditioning while offering deep cost savings without the requirement for heavy conditioning electricity needs.

Using a ceiling fan whenever possible allows you to experience and enjoy the natural air and temperature with open windows while having a cooling breeze - a total pleasure for summer. For indoor or rooms with a direct overhead light, consider a ceiling fan with lights for a minimal room finish and minimise blade spin disruptions over ceiling lights.

Benefits of Sleeping with the Fan On

Warmer weather is steadily making its way into Australia, and we're getting glimpses of summer in between overcast days and chilly mornings. Although some of us are blessed with air conditioners or central thermostats, many of us will be fighting the heat this summer with modern ceiling fans. The wind from a fan while you sleep might offer the following advantages:

Air freshener
Fans may help circulate stale air and freshen up a room. This can make your bedroom less stuffy and prevent unpleasant odors. Keep some windows open for the best performance, and use a fan to move the air around the room so odors don't build up.

Fans create white noise
Fans produce white noise, which can help you sleep by blocking out unexpected bursts of sound like traffic or barking dogs. If you're having trouble sleeping, turn on the fan for a while to help you relax.

SIDS prevention 
Overheating and high CO2 levels placed babies at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), according to a 2009 report, and improving the ventilation of a room with a fan could lower the risk. An analysis of SIDS cases in California showed that a baby was less likely to die of SIDS in a warm room if a fan was in use, according to the article.

Improve ventilation
Whether or not you have an air conditioner, a fan will increase room ventilation by keeping the air moving, making it easier to breathe, the air fresher, and space feels less claustrophobic.

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