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12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Machine with Auto-Grinding


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12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Machine with Auto-Grinding

Imagine the smell of fresh coffee wafting through your home. Prepare for a morning like no other with this 12-cup Programmable Drip Coffee Machine with Auto Grinder. Not only does it brew fresh coffee, but it grounds the beans right before brewing so you can experience an extra-special cup in minutes! Don't forget to take advantage of its programmable timer, which will let you enjoy brew time while not at home. Talk about convenience. With this automatic coffee machine, you can brew and grind a fresh pot of coffee just before dashing into the office! Make one perfect cup or two even better ones, depending on your mood. Picture yourself enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, with family and friends around, or learning about all the features of this high-quality coffee machine while it brews on its own. Coffee Man is always looking out for you!

Nobody likes a weak cup of coffee. That's why we created the best home coffee machine, choosing to use high-quality materials that create an optimum taste and no bitter aftertaste. With enough space for up to 12 cups of brewed goodness, you'll never have to worry about running out of coffee for your morning commute again. The grinder automatically grinds fresh beans just before they are brewed, so you can expect nothing but the most delicate flavour possible. Reheating coffee is not recommended as it's at its peak flavour immediately after brewing. If you're looking for a perfectly brewed aromatic cup of java, this machine can't be beaten!

Summary of Specifications: 

          • 240V /50Hz 1050W
          • 8 Levels grinding level and 2-12 cups coffee selections
          • 1.5L Water tank capacity
          • 200g Coffee bean box capacity
          • LCD display with backlight
          • Burr Conical Grinder
          • 12-speed grinder
          • Stainless steel body
          • Adjustable coffee amount
          • Adjustable coffee strength and thickness of coffee powder
          • 24-hours delay Timer for brewing coffee
          • Auto keep-warm function
          • Anti-slip feet

    Simple Operation

    1. Put water in the water tank.
    2. Put coffee beans in the coffee bean container.
    3. Select the grinding degree.
    4. Choose the cup of coffee ground and the concentration.
    5. Finally, press the start button.



    Hints for Great-tasting Coffee

    1. A clean coffee maker is essential for making great-tasting coffee. Regularly clean the coffee maker as specified in the “CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE” section. Always use fresh, cold water in the coffee maker.
    2. Store unused coffee grounds in a cool, dry place. After opening a package of coffee grounds, reseal it tightly and store it in a refrigerator to maintain its freshness.
    3. For an optimum coffee taste, buy whole coffee beans and finely grind them just before brewing.
    4. Do not reuse coffee grounds since this will greatly reduce the coffee’s flavor. Reheating coffee is not recommended as coffee is at its peak flavor immediately after brewing.
    5. Clean the coffee maker when over-extraction causes oiliness. Small oil droplets on the surface of brewed, black coffee are due to the extraction of oil from the coffee grounds.
    6. Oiliness may occur more frequently if heavily roasted coffees are used.


    Users’ Tips:

    1. Please check the dimensions before you purchase.
    2. The environment temperature of operating or storing shall be more than 0℃。
    3. Remove the detachable tank and fill it with desired water, the water level should not exceed the” MAX” mark in the tank.
    4. Please use this product according to the operating instructions.
    5. Do not use outdoors or for commercial purpose


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